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Did you see our folk art palm animals in Westhampton Beach's Galerie BelAge during their summer long exhibits of 2010 and 2011: Outsider Art in the Hamptons? Or at the Javits NYIGF booth 30060 on Pier 92 (Newest New) at the end of January, 2011? Our palm animals are a true folkart, hand craft by just three expert artisans in three different cities. After you register as a wholesale customer, we will contact you to provide personal service. We are a small group of dedicated and sincere people working to provide you excellent service!

While traveling the world we discovered fascinating and unique crafts in many countries, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Fiji . . . and in China we found the rare art of fashioning animals from palm fronds. Our palm leaf animals are out of this world. They are made in small quantities by an artisan in Southern China. It takes hours for each. In China now the individual palm frond artist is almost an anachronism. These artisans, working on their own, are in fact very rare and talented. The skills take years – decades – of refinement to be able to create animals that look real. A folk art in China, the esoteric skills of making of animals from palm fronds have been passed down through the generations. Our makers learned from their own fathers. The level of craft they have attained took decades of practice. In modern China it has become something of an artistic anachronism: not many know the craft. It takes many years and much patience to become proficient. Before the weaving starts, the palm maker must collect the palm fronds from the short bush-like palm trees growing in the area. Each animal will take much time to create. Even an insect will take close to an hour, with bigger animals taking an entire half day. In the past (and up to this day) the palm leaves were not treated with any oils, so after a few weeks, they would dry up and people would have to throw away the shriveled palm animals. Today some artists, such as the one presented, preserve their work with oils and finishes so they will last for decades.


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